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The Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center, under the direction of Dr. William A. Portuese and Dr Joseph Shvidler board certified facial plastic surgeons by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and by the American Board of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery specializes in all aspects of Facial Plastic Surgery which includes:


The most common reason for rhinoplasty (nasal surgery) is to obtain both aesthetic and practical results.Dr. William Portuese reshapes the nose to produce a more harmonic relationship with the rest of the face from an aesthetic standpoint. To improve nasal breathing, cartilage and bone are relocated or reshaped. When both functional and cosmetic components are present, the term septorhinoplasty is employed. The nose’s size and shape have a considerable impact on a person’s appearance because it is the most defining feature of the face. Rhinoplasty surgery, generally known as a nose job, is performed for a variety of reasons. Some people want their noses to be straighter, while others want their nostrils to be narrowed. A prominent dorsal bump, as well as its size in relation to the rest of the face, is generally cause for concern. Furthermore, as a result of normal aging, the nasal tip has a tendency to lose support and droop. Learn how much is rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty

The nose is one of the most difficult features of the face due to its three-dimensional nature. It is framed on the exterior by the lips, cheeks, forehead, and eyes, and can have a major impact on the appearance and balance of the rest of the face. Furthermore, the nose has a complex internal structure that is responsible for breathing, warming and moistening the air we breathe, our sense of smell, and sinus aeration, among other things. When it comes to nose surgery, people and doctors alike sometimes underestimate the nose’s complexity. Any surgical approach to the nose that does not include all of the considerations listed above increases the likelihood of developing a nasal disease after the procedure. Excessively aggressive nose reduction might result in inability to breathe through the nose, a nose that doesn’t fit with the face, and a “surgical” appearance.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

Injecting hyaluronic acid filler into certain areas of the nose as indicated by your injector results in a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Because hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the skin, it is not a foreign substance to the body. It is absorbed by the body over time and can also be dissolved if a patient is displeased with the effects of their injection. There is a chance of bruising and swelling with any injection, although it is usually minor with non-surgical rhinoplasties. Although regular activities can be resumed right once, bruising and swelling reduce within 2-7 days after treatment. Patients should avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, Vitamin E, and Fish Oil for 3-5 days before to therapy to reduce the risk of bruising. It is also beneficial to abstain from alcohol for 2-3 days before and after therapy. It’s crucial to understand that non-surgical rhinoplasty methods come with significant dangers. You should absolutely see a skilled, well-trained injector who is aware of these dangers and how to avoid them. Asymmetries, necrosis (lack of blood supply to the skin), and blindness are also potential dangers.

Facelift Surgery

Changes in the skin, underlying muscles and soft tissues, and face fat are all part of the normal aging process. Lasers, chemical peels, and other resurfacing techniques are used to treat skin aging. Fillers and fat grafting are used to treat face fat loss. facelift is a procedure that lifts and repositions drooping muscles and other soft tissues in the face. Unfortunately, the phrase “facelift” is used to cover everything from the removal of a tiny bit of drooping skin to a thorough lift that addresses the cheeks, jowls, and neck deep tissues. Any facelift that does not treat the deep plane or muscular layer is unlikely to produce long-term results

Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty

Drooping brows, loose eyelid skin, and expanding fat cause the upper eyelids to lose definition and the lower lids to bulge as people get older. Because the natural position of the brows and the volume of the eyelids differs from person to person, age changes appear differently in different people. The outcome is a fatigued, sorrowful, or even angry demeanor, as well as a visible reduction in the size of the eye in those who are affected. The eyes are the focal point of the face in an aesthetically beautiful face, and they are open. By repairing age-related alterations, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery or eyelid lift surgery) aims to restore the eyes as the natural focal point of the face. Before undergoing blepharoplasty, it is necessary to have a thorough examination by a facial plastic surgeon. Many patients come in asking for eyelid surgery when, in reality, their problem is a sagging brow or midface.

Neck Liposuction

Fit and youthful appearance are enhanced by a strong jaw line and a crisp chin/neck contrast. Excessive fat deposits under the chin can be congenital (inherited genetically) or the result of weight gain. These deposits can persist even if you lose weight or are otherwise skinny. A “double chin” can severely detract from an otherwise appealing face. Submental liposuction (fat removal from beneath the chin) is used to give the neck and jaw line a more visually attractive contour. For people with a receding chin, this operation is sometimes paired with a chin implant or a facelift for those with sagging neck skin. As we become older, we’re more likely to develop a double chin. Liposuction is the ideal solution when the weight of fat pulls down the tissue beneath our jawline and on the upper neck, causing them to develop. The key need for submental liposuction is that the patient’s skin in this area is still supple. The skin must be able to tighten after the fat has been removed. This gives the patient’s profile more definition and a more sculpted chin and jawline. However, eliminating the fat will only make the area appear looser if the patient’s skin is lax due to extreme weight gain and subsequent loss or basic genetics. In some circumstances, the skin has lost its elasticity, or capacity to recover. A lower facelift and neck lift are the only options for these individuals who have drooping, unresponsive skin. This procedure would very certainly include liposuction, although skin excision is required.

Chin Augmentation

What is Chin Augmentation and how does it work? Overall face harmony and aesthetic balance are substantially aided by the underlying skeletal structure, which includes a strong jaw line. A receding chin can make a properly-proportioned nose appear unduly large, as well as blur the chin-neck line. Consultation with an oral surgeon may be required if a receding chin is caused by dental malocclusion. A weak chin, on the other hand, can be efficiently and relatively easily enhanced with an implant designed to give the chin and jaw line more definition. Chin implants are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet the needs of each patient. Some, for example, are intended to be used in conjunction with facelift surgery to ensure optimal jowling correction. Others are indicated in conjunction with rhinoplasty in order to achieve a better balance between the nose and the face. Others are used in conjunction with submental liposuction to improve the chin/neck separation. These relationships will be reviewed at the consultation, and Dr. William Portuese will offer a suggestion based on these aspects as well as each patient’s particular concerns and desires.

Browlift Surgery – Forehead Lift

What is the difference between a forehead lift and a brow lift? As you get closer to middle age, you’ll notice changes in your brow and forehead. Furrows grow between the brows and horizontal lines appear on the forehead as a result of repeated facial muscle action. Drooping brows and a heavy, fatigued, or furious appearance around the eyes are also signs of gravity’s long-term impact. Botox® is a great therapy for horizontal and vertical frown lines on the forehead. A forehead lift is a more permanent remedy for both the wrinkles and the sagging brow (also called a brow lift). The brows can be lifted to a more youthful posture, extra upper lid skin can be reduced slightly, and frown lines can be softened with a forehead lift. Although there are other techniques to this treatment, Dr. William Portuese opts for the least invasive and most modern method: the endoscopic forehead lift. A camera and small incisions hidden within the hair are used in this method.


What exactly is Botox? BOTOX is a protein serum that is administered by trained professionals to treat and prevent facial wrinkles produced by underlying muscle tension. It is one of the most effective non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures available today, and it can provide dramatic improvements in a short period of time. With approximately 7.5 million operations conducted in 2018, it is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic therapy in the world. What are the advantages of Botox? Our practitioners administer Botox to the chosen face area using a small needle to avoid discomfort and allow for higher precision of delivery (s). The majority of individuals report that their discomfort is minor and only lasts a few minutes. Botox usually takes 3-10 days to start working. Forehead lines can be effectively treated with this product. Between the brows, there are vertical lines. At the corners of your eyes, lines are forming. Helps in the treatment of lines around the mouth. It’s easy to take, with no discomfort and no downtime. Secure and efficient All skilled injectors take part in this procedure.

Dermal Fillers

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Dermal Fillers? Dermal fillers are injected with a very small needle into the desired location and generate rapid benefits. In order to guarantee a smooth and equal distribution, extremely little volumes are usually injected into each location. They provide the following advantages: Provide a plethora of enhancing options and applications, including: Fine wrinkles around the nose and lips are softened: Folds of the nasolabial folds (lines extending from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth) Melolabial folds (melolabial folds) are a type of (lines extending from the corners of the mouth to the sides of the chin) Lips have fine lines around them (lipstick lines) In a very natural approach, lip augmentation produces subtle to dramatic results. Augmentation of the cheeks Hollowing under the eyes that occurs as the midface moves lower is filled. Bring about quick results Using a topical local anesthetic, this procedure is done in the office. There is no requirement for sedative anesthesia. There will be no downtime. Bruising is minimal or absent. When used and administered correctly, it is both safe and effective. An professional injector performs all treatments.

Facial Plastic Surgery in Bellevue WA

Facial Plastic Surgery in Bellevue WA

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Bellevue is a Washington city located on the other side of Lake Washington from Seattle. A big lawn, gardens, and a waterfall may be found in Downtown Park. The Bellevue Arts Museum, which is close by, has craft and design exhibitions as well as a sculpture park. The Bellevue Botanical Garden features woodlands and wetlands, as well as flora native to the Pacific Northwest. The KidsQuest Children’s Museum features hands-on science, technology, and art exhibits. We’re anchored in the Pacific Northwest’s tenacious spirit, so we’re wired to appreciate the outdoors’ beauty and healing power, the anticipation and excitement of world-changing ideas, and the sensory exploration of fashion, art, and globally inspired cuisine. Welcome to Bellevue, where every visitor will find themselves on the cutting edge of creativity, innovation, and flair. We are a futurist-designed location where the pull of aspiration is felt by everyone we meet. The safety of our guests, residents, and hospitality providers is our first focus at Visit Bellevue. To protect our collective well-being, we urge that all travelers respect the health and safety of others at these times. We can keep Bellevue as a safe refuge and source of inspiration by traveling wisely. With over 150,000 employment and a downtown skyline of glittering high-rises, Bellevue is the Eastside’s high-tech and retail hub. Bellevue is consistently listed among the greatest mid-sized cities in the US ( and 24/7 Wall Street). It has beautiful parks, excellent schools, and a thriving economy.

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