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From famous people to a more genuine and unique appearance

In the past, it was usual for people to imagine how they would appear with the same modifications and treatments after seeing the changes in their favorite celebrities after plastic surgery. Patients frequently sent images of famous people to their surgeons to illustrate the type of procedure they sought.

People are increasingly more interested in surgical procedures that will enhance their unique, natural beauty, despite the fact that celebrities are still responsible for some plastic surgery trends (think Kim Kardashian and the Brazilian butt lift).

The current tendency is to look more like oneself with some natural upgrades rather than more like their favorite star. Many surgeons now receive photos that their patients have edited or pictures of friends or relatives with desirable qualities instead of celebrity shots.

Focusing on ethnicity is a significant trend right now.

The little, adorable, turned-up nose has long been the object of obsession in the beauty and fashion worlds. This ideal led many women to decide to rhinoplasty to reduce an overly big nose. On TikTok, a new trend that honored noses from many ethnicities began to emerge in 2021, though. Many people are embracing their ethnic facial traits as new fashions emerge.
How does this affect rhinoplasty, then?
While rhinoplasty is still performed, the emphasis is shifting to issues like straightening crooked noses, reducing humps, and correcting asymmetry while preserving a person’s ethnic identity.

While other cultures want to preserve their natural looks, double eyelid blepharoplasty has remained popular among Asian-Americans as a way to crease the upper eyelid.
The intention is to give them a more Western appearance and larger-looking eyes.

This is currently the third most popular operation sought by Asian Americans and is one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures in Asia. In order to give them a more Western image, Asian American women are increasingly asking for a smaller button nose, high nose bridges, and larger foreheads.

Unrealistic expectations brought on by picture apps

Unattainable and occasionally bizarre beauty ideals have unfortunately been produced by the rising usage of picture filters and beauty applications.
For instance, a number of surgical requests have recently started to be sparked by the “anime” appearance.
For some ardent followers, the appearance of big eyes, translucent skin, or heart-shaped faces has taken on a novel fascination.

Many of these aesthetic objectives are sadly not physically feasible.
This leaves plastic surgeons with the difficult duty of helping patients comprehend what is feasible and resetting expectations.

Trends today emphasize the individual

There are still more general beauty trends and ideals that impact what people seek when they consider having plastic surgery, even if many plastic surgery trends are emphasizing a natural appearance and embracing individual beauty.
Before having surgery, it’s crucial for a person to sit back and comprehend the many factors that have influenced and motivated them to think about getting plastic surgery.

Patients are more likely to select procedures that will make them happy both now and in the future if they engage in some “soul searching.”
Being a plastic surgeon in a time when beauty standards are diversifying and people have more information and options than ever before regarding how they want to present their physical appearance to the world is exciting.

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