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Discover Woodland Park

There are so many places to discover in Seattle, why not give the place a visit and let your eyes be dazzled by the mesmerizing view of woodlands and nature? Woodland is a zoological garden that is dedicated to the conservation of wildlife. Woodland Park is also the only park with a zoo. If you are a fan of nature, nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, then you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. This Seattle wonderland gives the traveler’s a real taste of nature. You can also see the wildlife along with the beauty of the beautiful green and natural grasslands.

But don’t you think that this kind of nature makes you feel depressed or doesn’t care about you? You will be surprised to know that the beauty of nature is so amazing that it creates a sense of relief in people. The wonderland of Seattle has so much that will astonish and thrill the tourists. It has this natural park, the Natural History Museum which is also known as the Space Needle. It is the biggest collection of the best artifacts from all over the world, specially Asian countries.

Another amazing attraction is the Seafair Waterfront Festival. One can enjoy the entertainment, sightseeing and various events during this festival. The famous restaurants also offer their magnificent cuisine during this festival. So what more you can do but to explore this incredible destination?

One of the most famous attractions of the place is the Santa Claus House. The Santa Claus House is a grand and awesome home built by J.R. Roald to give an entire new look on the ambiance and look of the place. Many families have hired this place for visiting and spending their holidays in the park.

Besides the Santa Claus House, you can also explore the Wildwood Park. This park is also known as Seattle’s Central Park. Here you can take pleasure in various water activities like boating, bird watching, horse riding and fishing among others.

One of the most popular sites of the city is the Santa Claus House. This wonderland will inspire the visitors. The people who visit this place will feel like they are actually going to the Santa Claus home. At this place, you can experience being a part of the living legend of the Christmas celebration.

The Natural History Museum is one of the most famous attractions of the city. Here you can see all the exhibits relating to the history of animals and the natural habitats. The huge collection of fossils, artifacts and natural specimens makes it interesting. The different research conducted by the museum helps the visitors in understanding the evolution of life.

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The Natural History Museum in Seattle is a must visit place if you visit the place called Santa Claus Park. You can also explore the Wildwood Park or explore the beauty of Seattle. You can get guided tours of these places from the local tourist operators.

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