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Facial Cosmetic Surgery

One of the first regions to exhibit aging symptoms is the neck region.
Extreme weight loss can also leave the neck area excessively slack and uncharacteristic of the newly obtained overall look. Some Seattle, Washington neck lift patients may undergo a number of procedures to address their sagging neck skin, underlying fatty tissue, muscular structures, and jawline.

What choices do you have for neck treatment?

Which of the following—fat, sagging skin, or muscle—is the source of your aesthetic worries?
How to Prepare

Usually local anesthesia with IV sedation

Surgery lasted for around three hours.

In / Outpatient – Typically out-patient in a hospital setting or in our on-site, accredited surgery center.

Return to work after recovery: 10 to 14 days.
3 to 4 weeks of intense activities.
Inflammation: 2 to 3 weeks.
For several months, sun exposure must be restricted.

Results last for a while; you’ll appear to be a few years younger.
various outcomes
You will notice changes in your neck lift as you continue to age.

The Technique:

The majority of operations used to improve the neck are carried out through an incision made behind the ears or beneath the chin.
A combination of treatments is required to assist tighten and straighten the muscle tissue (platysmaplasty), as well as remove extra skin and fatty tissue, in order to get the desired result and improve the neck and jawline (submental lipectomy).
When muscle tightening is not required and there is simply localized fat under the chin in younger individuals, liposuction may be utilized.
The skin normally shrinks to the altered contour of the neck once the fat is suctioned out.
When there is too much extra skin that cannot be removed through the incisions under the chin or behind the ear, a cervicoplasty is performed.
This treatment necessitates extra neck incisions and is often exclusively done on men.

What Dangers Exist?

Even elective surgical procedures like neck lift surgery have some level of risk.
Our surgeons will go over the hazards during your appointment so you can make an informed choice.

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