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Mini Facelift Bellevue

MINI LIFT: The mini lift or tuck facelift has many description terms such as an S-lift, which is a minor variant of the mini lift. A mini lift involves tightening the facial cheek and jowls however, it does not address the neck, which is only addressed through a face/neck lift or just the neck lift. A mini lift is a procedure where the incisions are placed in the anterior temporal hairline along the sideburn and behind the tragal portion of the ear in a small portion behind the ear. The undermining that is performed is only in the high cheekbone area, and the muscles are tightened in the facial area (also known as the superficial muscular aponeurotic system or “SMAS”). The primary goal of a mini lift, tuck facelift or S-lift is to remove the jowls. This operation is usually performed under a general anesthesia but can be performed under twilight intravenous sedation. No drains are required for this operation and patients tend to get back to regular activities sooner with less bruising and swelling than a traditional face/neck lift. If there are preexisting neck conditions such as submental fat, skin laxity, and anterior platysmal muscle bands, this is not the correct operation for the patient. The surgery is performed at The Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center, which is a Medicare-certified surgery center, under the direction of Dr. William Portuese. Board-certified physicians/anesthesiologists from Swedish Medical Center perform the anesthesia. Out-of-town patients can stay at one of the area’s three hotels within one block of the office.

A neck lift is usually a surgery that removes extra skin and fat from the neck area to make it look less wrinkled and saggy. It’s possible to use modern techniques that don’t require a lot of surgery. In some cases, Botox can be used instead of surgery.

What can neck lift do?

Do you want people to think you’ve lost a lot of weight?Think about getting a neck lift. In many cases, people won’t even know that you had surgery to change the muscles, fat, or skin on your face. This is called a neck lift.

Even though your neck can age before your face, Father Time isn’t always to blame for the look you want to change. If you’ve lost a lot of weight, your neck may be taking its time to get back to where it was. For some people, it’s because of their genes. People of all ages have neck lift procedures all the time, no matter what the reason is.

Who is a good candidate for a neck lift?

Your neck is something you don’t like. You should be honest with yourself. Do your research on the surgery and make sure you get what you want out of it. You should also write down what you want to improve and bring that with you when you meet with your doctor before surgery. Your doctor may recommend platysmaplasty surgery to lessen this.
The surgeon makes small cuts under your chin and behind your ears to get to your platysma (neck muscle) and move it as needed. Even if it means cutting some muscle, sometimes that’s the best way to do it. Your doctor may also use long-term stitches to keep the tissue in place. A neck lift is a group of procedures that are used to make your neck look better: Cervicoplasty is a surgery that removes extra skin from around the neck. Platysmaplasty removes or changes the muscles in the neck.

Your doctor can also do neck liposuction, which removes extra fat from your neck. For people who have a lot of fullness or “bands” in their face, BOTOX® injections may be the answer.

How is a neck lift performed?

Most of the time, it will take two to three hours to finish. If you are having liposuction, a facelift, a brow lift, or other surgery at the same time, the time will be different. Your exact steps will depend on what you want to achieve and your own personal situation. It is important that you are in good health both physically and mentally if you want to have a neck lift done.

Are there alternatives to a traditional neck lift?

If your doctor is able to make smaller incisions and use an endoscope (a small camera attached to a thin tube) to do your surgery, it will be less painful. You should ask your doctor about all the options he or she has for you during your first meeting.

What type of anesthesia is used during a neck lift?

You and your doctor will talk about what kind of anesthesia to use, based on your level of comfort. If you want to stay asleep during the surgery, you should ask for general anesthesia. Other than that, your doctor can use local anesthesia with sedation. It’s up to you to decide, though.

Can a neck lift be combined with injectables?

Before or after surgery, BOTOX® injections can relax parts of the platysma that make the “band” look or make you look fuller. The injections are done outside of the hospital, and they usually take about 15 minutes.

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