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Narrowing a Wide Nose | Rhinoplasty

If you want to narrow a wide nose, you may consider a rhinoplasty procedure. Wide nose surgery involves breaking the nasal bridge bones and restructuring them at the top of the nose. The end result is a narrower, more streamlined nose. Your surgeon will discuss the surgical techniques and possible complications with you before the procedure. The surgery will take a few weeks to complete and should result in an improved appearance.

A rhinoplasty procedure can help you narrow a wide nose. This surgery will break the nose and then reposition it in the correct place. After the procedure, you will experience excess swelling and bruising, but this should go away within a month. The healing process can take several months, but you will notice a noticeable difference after the surgery. Your new nose will be more attractive and symmetrical.

There are two main approaches to rhinoplasty. In the open method, incisions are made inside the nostril. In the closed type, the surgeon will make the incision under the nasal tip. The open method is much more precise than the closed one, but it has its drawbacks. It leaves a small scar, making it difficult to hide after surgery. You may be required to stay overnight in the hospital after surgery. You should have someone else drive you home the day of the procedure.

A surgeon who performs a rhinoplasty procedure will also be able to narrow a wide nose by using suture techniques and conservative cartilage removal. The goal of rhinoplasty is to balance the face and avoid the appearance of facial features that are too different. A wide nose can make your face look out of proportion. A rhinoplasty surgeon who is experienced in rhinoplasty can help you achieve this look.

Cost is a factor when it comes to rhinoplasty. A facial plastic surgeon with a higher price than others will usually be able to achieve the desired results faster. Aside from cosmetic reasons, patients who are considering a rhinoplasty should be aware of the costs involved. Aside from looking good, a wide nose can also cause breathing problems and bleeds. However, these factors can be eliminated by a rhinoplasty.

Before a rhinoplasty, a patient should prepare for a few weeks of recovery. The surgery should be performed under general anesthesia. In addition to a general anesthesia, the surgeon will place a cast on the nose and take pictures of the nose. The surgeon will explain the procedure and the recovery process to you. He will explain the process in detail to ensure that it is successful.

This is a patient that we narrowed a wide nose – now she also had a dorsal hump present so I shaved down the dorsal hump. It’s mandatory that you have to narrow the nasal bones to prevent this flattop open-roof nasal deformity so we narrow the bridge line we narrow the nasal bones and the corresponding upper lateral cartilages in the mid portion of the nose and then the tip cartilages themselves can be refined a little bit by just a very conservative removal of cartilage in that tip that can just create a little bit of feminization or a little bit of refinement so it’s not so bulky so wide and so bulbous and that nose then is better fit with their facial features and it just blends in rather than being the most prominent thing on their face.

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