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Narrowing a Wide Nose | Rhinoplasty

While some people prefer the distinctiveness of a bigger or wider nose, others would prefer their noses to appear a little bit narrower. You have a few choices to think about if you want to narrow a wide nose. These can include contouring with makeup temporarily or permanently through surgery. To find out more about each, continue reading.

1. Rhinoplasty to make a broad nose smaller. The medical term for a “nose job” is rhinoplasty. It could involve: align the nose, alter the nose’s angle, narrow a nose. Rhinoplasties may also be carried out for medical purposes. They can be carried out, for instance, if you frequently bleed from the nose or have breathing difficulties.

Prior to the process

You’ll meet with your surgeon beforehand to go over your goals for the procedure. Showing them images of noses you like is a fantastic idea. Any preparations you need to make for the procedure will be discussed with you by the surgeon as well. Avoid these things in the weeks leading up to the procedure: smoking when using blood thinners such as ibuprofen

During the procedure

You’ll receive anesthetic throughout the treatment. Depending on the anesthetic being used, you may be completely unconscious or awake but numb. The surgeon will probably need to break the nose and repair the bone if you want a thinner nasal bridge (the area above the nostrils). The osteotomy term refers to this. The surgeon will use small incisions that shouldn’t be seen after surgery to remove tissue from the area to make your nostrils appear smaller. following the procedure Depending on how complicated your surgery was, you might need to spend the night in the hospital after your procedure. Make sure to have someone else drive you home if you are released the same day. For roughly a week, you must wear your bandage. Additionally, keeping your head elevated will assist to lessen swelling. Your doctor will advise you explicitly as to what to avoid, but generally speaking, you should avoid: swimming exercise blowing your nose and sending it flying The price of rhinoplasty It’s unlikely that your insurance will pay for a rhinoplasty if your only goal is to shorten your nose because it’s an elective cosmetic treatment.


Nonsurgical rhinoplasty for narrowing a wide nose

“Liquid rhinoplasty” is another name for a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Injecting a filler, typically hyaluronic acid, into the nose is how the procedure is carried out. The greatest procedures for altering the form of the nose are liquid rhinoplasties. It’s not the ideal option for narrowing a bigger nose because a filler is brought in but nothing is taken out. It works better to reduce lumps or to give the tip of the nose more volume. Prior to the process How you should get ready for the liquid rhinoplasty should be discussed with your doctor. Throughout the process This kind of rhinoplasty is an outpatient operation, so you won’t be put under anesthesia; instead, the nose may be numbed with topical anesthetic. Typically, the process is completed in less than 45 minutes. A little pressure or stinging is possible, but discomfort shouldn’t be experienced. following the procedure You will be able to drive yourself home after the surgery. You’ll receive advice from the doctor on how to take care of your nose and what to avoid. A liquid rhinoplasty’s price Temporary in nature, non-surgical rhinoplasty often ranges in price from $600 to $1500. Being an elective cosmetic procedure, insurance is unlikely to pay for it. 3. Applying cosmetics to contour a wide nose Makeup contouring is one of the simplest and quickest techniques to narrow a large nose. Of course, this isn’t a long-term fix, but it can be very efficient (and inexpensive!). Many useful contouring videos on YouTube can help you learn how to use makeup techniques to give the appearance that your nose is smaller. Here are a few simple, detailed instructions: Choose a bronzer or contour powder that is around two shades darker than your skin tone in order to initially narrow a wide nose with makeup. Draw two vertical lines, one parallel to each nostril, down the sides of your nose with a small, clean makeup brush or your fingertips. To emphasize the small center of the nose, use a matte highlighter in between the darker lines. To eliminate any remaining lines, mix it all together smoothly with a brush or a beauty blender.

This is a patient that we narrowed a wide nose – now she also had a dorsal hump present so I shaved down the dorsal hump. It’s mandatory that you have to narrow the nasal bones to prevent this flattop open-roof nasal deformity so we narrow the bridge line we narrow the nasal bones and the corresponding upper lateral cartilages in the mid portion of the nose and then the tip cartilages themselves can be refined a little bit by just a very conservative removal of cartilage in that tip that can just create a little bit of feminization or a little bit of refinement so it’s not so bulky so wide and so bulbous and that nose then is better fit with their facial features and it just blends in rather than being the most prominent thing on their face.

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