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Neck Lift Surgery Pacific Northwest – Neck Liposuction

neck liposuction pacific northwest

The neck lift is a relatively simple surgical procedure, but it can make a huge difference in how you look and how you feel about yourself. In many cases, you don’t need to have a full facelift to get the results you want. In some cases, a neck lift will be enough. That’s because our necks are hit the hardest and the first by the aging process because we have less muscle tone, which makes our skin sag. In fact, I meet with people every week who want to look younger and more toned through the power of neck lifts.

The best way to get the best results from any kind of surgery is to think about the patient first. Neck liposuction is no exception. Together, you and I will find the best way for your body to get what you want. If you have questions, I hope you’ll get in touch with us right away so we can set up a free meeting. There isn’t any sales pressure. We’ll talk about your needs and figure out if surgery is the right choice for you. One of the best things about having a neck lift in the Pacific Northwest is that it can make your jawline look younger. While we don’t think about it, we subconsciously judge someone’s age based on the sharpness of their jaw and the shape of their neckline. Dr. William Portuese of The Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center performs a neck lift, which is one of the most powerful procedures he can do to make your face and neck look younger.

People in the Pacific Northwest get neck lifts to get rid of loose muscles and skin from the jawline down to their Adam’s apple. This is called a “platysmaplasty,” which is sometimes referred to surgically. As you get older, even if you live a healthy lifestyle, the platysma muscle sags and there is extra skin around the jaw line and neck. Late in life and early in life, most people have neck-lift surgery. Some people can still benefit from it even if they are older or younger than this age range. It’s very important to pay a lot of attention to the platysma, which is the band of muscle that goes from the upper collarbone to the outside edges of the jawbone during a neck lift. You may only need a neck lift if you have too much “turkey gobbler” skin. All of this will be talked about in great detail during your meeting with Dr. Portuese.

Neck Lift Liposuction Options

Often, when people learn about facial rejuvenation, they think they need a Neck Lift, but they soon learn that a traditional Facelift may be a good addition to meet their goals. For some patients, a neck lift alone may not be enough to achieve their ultimate cosmetic goals. For others, a neck lift and a facelift may be a better combination. Having a facelift or rhytidectomy is like having your neck lifted from the top down. It also tightens the tissues above your jawline up to your cheek bones. From the level of the cheekbones down to the Adam’s apple, this makes the person look younger.

NECK LIFT: A neck lift is performed on someone in their 30s, 40s, or early 50s, when there is no excess neck skin. The goal is to remove fat and tighten muscles of the neck without removing any skin in the neck. If there is a laxity of skin in the neck, the neck lift is not the correct operation to perform. In the neck there is fat above and below the platysma muscle, and both need to be addressed. A 1-inch incision is placed underneath the chin area hidden in the submental crease, and there are two 1/2-inch incisions placed behind the ear in the retroauricular sulcus. Indirect liposuction is performed from the postauricular area to define the posterior jawline. Direct liposuction and manual sculpting and removal of fat in the entire submental area are performed after lifting up the submental skin area. Once the fat is removed above the platysmal muscle, the area is manually sculpted and additional fat is removed from underneath the muscle. This creates a better definition of the jaw line both from the side and front profile. A sharp delineation of the jawline is then created by sewing the anterior platysma muscles together. This is all achieved using the submental approach. The incisions are closed meticulously with fine sutures. In addition, Jackson-Pratt drains are placed underneath the skin in the neck to remove blood and fluid in the near-term postoperative recovery. These drains help to alleviate blood accumulating underneath the skin and are removed in a few days after the surgery. The neck lift is the correct operation for someone who has excess fat in the neck and desires a better neckline definition, however, has good skin tone and does not need any skin removal. This is usually done under a general anesthesia but can be performed under intravenous sedation or twilight anesthesia. The necklift is a much better alternative than traditional submental liposuction, which does not address subplatysmal fat or neck muscle tightening. The necklift surgery is performed at The Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center, which is a Medicare-certified surgery center, under the direction of Dr. William Portuese. Board-certified physicians/anesthesiologists from Swedish Medical Center perform the anesthesia. Out-of-town patients can stay at one of the area’s three hotels within one block of the office.

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