Cheek Implants in Seattle Washington

Cheek implants are used to improve a flat maxilla and flat cheek profile. The implants are specifically designed for cheek augmentation and there are many sizes and shapes available from different manufacturers using a variety of materials. Most commonly used are Silastic and Gortex. The most common types are malar and sub-malar.

cheek implants
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Surgical placement of cheek implants takes place through an incision inside the mouth just above the front teeth. The appropriate sized cheek implants are then placed inside a pocket directly over the cheek bone and once they are positioned, the skin will be closed with dissolvable sutures. After the cheek implants are in place, it is rare to have them migrate or move. Swelling in the cheeks lasts from two to three weeks; however, some mild residual swelling can occur up to two to three months after the surgery.

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Conform Binder Submalar® Facial Implant
Soft and flexible, this patented implant readily adapts to the underlying midfacital area and augments the submalar
Binder Submalar® Facial Implant
Elevates and repostitions the overlying midfacial soft tissue in an anterior and superior postion for more youthful
Binder Submalar® II Facial Implant
Same aesthetic benefit as Binder Submalar®, but designed to fit more inferiorly into the submalar space to provide

Terino Malar Shell

Conform Terino Malar Shell®
Augments the volume-deficient midface for a more aesthetic, youthful and balanced look. soft and flexible, this
Terino Malar Shell®
Broad surface area with fine, non-palpable edges for a smooth transition between the implant and underlying bone

Combined Submalar Shell

Augments entire midfacial area by incorporating the features of the Terino Malar Shell® and the Binder Submalar®. Ideal for patients with both malar hypoplasia and midfacial soft-tissue deficiencies. Sold in pairs.


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