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Chin Implants – Chin Augmentation

Chin implants are used to improve the balance in facial features and are specifically designed for patients with a weak chin profile. There are many types and shapes of implants available from different manufacturers using a variety of materials. Materials commonly used in our practice are Silastic. Chin implants help improve a weak chin profile for better facial balance and proportions.

Surgical placement of a chin implant is through an incision approximately 3/4 inch long on the under side of the chin. A pocket will be created over the bone for the implant. The appropriate sized chin implant is then placed inside the pocket. Once the implant is in position, the skin will be closed with sutures. Typically there is some bruising and swelling around the chin area for a week to ten days following this procedure. This procedure can be done under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia.


Extended Anatomical Chin Implant
Full lateral arms blend into mandible. …More Info

Terino Extended Anatomical® Chin Implant
Lateral arms are thinner and broader than Extended Anatomical Chin for less palpable edges. Profile is slightly …More Info

Glasgold Wafer® Implant for the Extended Anatomical Chin
…More Info

Flowers Mandibular Glove®
Posterior implant surface matches the anatomical variations of the anterior surface of the mandible. Provides …More Info

Mittelman Pre Jowl-Chin®
Broad surface area with fine, non-palpable edges for a smooth transition between the implant and underlying bone. This implant is most commonly used in our practice. …More Info

Glasgold Wafer® Implant for the Pre-Jowl-Chin
Provides 2mm additional anterior projection for Mittelman Pre Jowl-Chin® …More Info

Mittelman Pre Jowl®
Provides augmentation in pre-jowl sulcus with no additional anterior chin augmentation. These are often used in patients who only need added width to the chin and no added projection. …More Info

Terino Square Chin – Style I
Broad surface area with fine, non-palpable edges for a smooth transition between the implant and underlying bone …More Info

Terino Square Chin – Style II
A more strongly defined square profile than Style I …More Info

Anatomical Chin
Central chin augmentation. Short lateral extensions blend into mandible …More Info

Curvilinear Silicone Chin
Central chin augmentation with no lateral component …More Info

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