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Rhinoplasty in Seattle WA

Upload Your OWN Photo - See What You Would Look Like With A New Nose The nose is one of the most defining characteristics of the face. Nasal reshaping and contouring involves performing a three dimensional surgery to bring harmonious balance with the rest of the facial features. Rhinoplasty is performed by Dr. William Portuese on a diverse age group (16 through 80) to reshape and sculpt the nose to a natural new nose that fits the facial features on the individual patient.

Interestingly, a subtle change or a seemingly large change can make an aesthetic difference for the patients’ desired outcome, however the change of the nose is not typically detected by others. In addition, Dr. Portuese performs the Closed Rhinoplasty Technique, so the incisions are placed on the inside of the nose. Rhinoplasty is performed under a general anesthetic.

Following rhinoplasty surgery, there is a 10% chance that a small revision touch-up may be needed. This would be performed when a significant amount of healing has taken place – typically not before 6-12 months following the initial surgery. Dr. Portuese does not charge an additional surgical fee for this procedure, however anesthesia would have a small touch up fee.

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Rhinoplasty With Chin Implant

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