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Rhinoplasty Surgery Information – Nose Surgery and Nose Jobs Procedures by Dr Bill Portuese

If you are considering rhinoplasty in Bellevue WA contact Seattle Rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. William Portuese at 206.624.6200

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Rhinoplasty; $8,850 (Surgeon & Operating Room) + $980 (Anesthesia)

There is a 10% chance of patients requiring a touch-up procedure by Dr. Portuese. In the event this occurs the charges to the patient are as follows. There is only a fee of $195 for anesthesia, there is no charge for the operating room or surgeon‘s fee.

Plastic surgeons offer consultations to determine treatment plans for people interested in Seattle rhinoplasty. Since the nose is often a first impression in appearance, plastic surgeons take strides to conduct a thorough examination of the nose. The evaluation includes:

  1. The size and shape of facial features in relation to the nose is examined. Nose surgery may slightly change the appearance of other facial features such as the cheeks and chin.
  2. The frontal view of the nose is evaluated to determine how straight the nose is, nose width, nostril size, nose tip size, and a humped appearance.
  3. Skin quality to determine thickness is considered in consultations. Nose surgery is performed with the use of incisions that may be located inside the nostrils or inconspicuous locations on the nose. Skin quality is a factor in scarring following nose surgery.
  4. The sides of the nose are evaluated for nose surgery. Nose surgery may change nose size, nose tip size, nostril size, remove a hump or ski-slope appearance. Evaluating the sides of the nose helps to determine the approach to nose surgery.
  5. The feel of the nose will also be examined. Feeling the nose helps plastic surgeons to determine the extent of cartilage and underlying tissue.
  6. Functional aspects of the nose will be evaluated in nose surgery consultations. Nose surgery may improve breathing difficulty and the aesthetic appeal of the nose.

If you are considering rhinoplasty in Bellevue WA contact Seattle surgeon Dr. William Portuese at 206.624.6200


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