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Dr William Portuese - Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Meet Lola F.

patient testimonial “From the beginning, the staff was very friendly. They worked to find an appointment time that would fit into my schedule. On the day of my first appointment, I met with Dr. Portuese and he took time examining my nose and listening to what I would like changed. The Patient Care Coordinator took time explaining the procedure and what to expect during recovery. We also worked on my before and after photos so I could get an idea of the changes. My recovery time was without pain, just some discomfort. I actually returned to work the same day the splint was removed- one week after surgery! I had many consult appointments with other doctors and did a lot of research. I have looked at other before / after photos and saw that Dr. Portuese had the most photos to look at and the best results. I feel that he does the best noses of anyone and I am so happy with mine that I have come back for another procedure! Dr. Portuese did a very beautiful job with my nose – I am incredibly happy. I cannot find the words to really say how happy I am!”

Lola F.

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