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The Gum Wall

If you love chewing gum, then the Market Theater in Seattle is for you. The wall is brick and covered with countless sticks of chewing gum. Located at 1428 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101. When visiting the market, be sure to bring some extra chewing-gum to add to the fun! You can also bring your own gum to lick.
The Gum Wall is not a trash dump, and you shouldn’t spit on it, because if you do, you can destroy nearby structures. You should also wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the alley. While you can simply stick a wad of chewed gum to the wall, others get creative and make gum designs on the walls. Some people even create peace signs and stars using the gum.

The Gum Wall has become an attraction in the Seattle area. It has been growing for 20 years, and the gum keeps coming in at an increasing rate. Over the course of five months, the gum wall has been covered in nearly every square inch. Mari Berber and her boyfriend Julian Pulido recently took a trip to the wall. They heard about it through social media and decided to visit after seeing it on the news. The gum wall is not only a popular attraction for tourists and locals, it is a popular photo location.

The Gum Wall is not a tourist attraction, but it is a popular attraction for many tourists. Founded in 1993, the wall is located under Pike Place Market, a busy thoroughfare between the waterfront and the Pike Place Market. It started as a small, dirt-covered alleyway and was a temporary fixture for gum droppings. Since then, it has evolved into a large, colorful display. Oftentimes, visitors add their own chewed gum to add to the colorful display. Contact our cosmetic surgery expert.

The Gum Wall has become a popular tourist destination in Seattle. The wall is eight feet high and 54 feet wide, and it is one of the best places to snap pictures. A lot of people have come to take photos on the wall, and some even choose to stop here to capture the moment. Despite the popularity of the wall, the gum has become a serious issue. As a tourist, you should be prepared for the odor and other issues.

While it is hard to avoid the odor of gum on the wall, many visitors love the experience. It is a great place to snap a quick photo before leaving the Market Theater. The Gum Wall has become a Seattle landmark. The city is famous for the Gum Wall, and it is an amazing location for wedding photos. It is a popular tourist destination in the region. So what is The odor of gum on the wall?

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