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Things to do in downtown Seattle WA

The best things to do at Downtown Seattle
Planning to visit Washington this year? Well, then you have landed at the right place….!!
How you ask.
Let’s know all the MUST DO at Downtown Seattle.
One of the major tourist attractions, Downtown Seattle is swamped with places to dine, wine, enjoy, for one and all. Besides, enjoying the stunning view of the waterfront over West Seattle and the Puget Sound one can watch sea mammals of any kind. One can explore more than what he desired at Downtown Seattle and even visit a top rated plastic surgeon.

1. Enjoy watching marine mammals! Being in Seattle you can’t miss the Seattle Aquarium, located at Pier 59. Enjoy Window on Washington Waters, the Pacific Coral Reef, and Marine Mammals.

2. Enjoy riding ferry! People who love to explore every bit of the traveled location then ferry is something which one can’t effort to miss. Ferry ride is the greatest way to enjoy the beauty around the place. Ferry terminal is located at Pier 52.

3. Take a Scenic Cruise or Boat Tour! Besides ferries and sailboats, another wonderful way to enjoy at downtown Seattle is taking a scenic cruise tour, or whale watching, and scenic Puget Sound tours. Don’t worry about your hunger pangs as they provide you with dinner and brunch Happy cruising!

4. How about dinning on fresh seafood with your better-half with a Waterfront View! Don’t settle for less once you are at Seattle. There is no harm in making your evening a romantic one. Which, your better-half will remember all her life. Give it a try, devour on fish fry

5. Walking hand in hand with your better-half among giant sculptures at the Olympic Sculpture Park is the greatest idea to make your trip a romantic touch. The Olympic Sculpture Park is a park filled with large sculptures and art installations of all kinds. Also, this is one of Seattle’s newer attractions. So be attracted

6. If, the kid inside you is still playful then a ride on the Great Wheel is IMPERATIVE. In this 15 minutes ride you will enjoy beautiful views of Downtown Seattle, West Seattle, Elliot Bay and the scenic surrounding, which you may miss otherwise. Think not, just ride on!!

7. Boys make some noise and hit “Happy Hour” at ‘Tankard & Tun.’ Enjoy the oysters on the half shell paired with Pike Brewing Company’s beers.

8. Ladies just stop by Westlake Center for your favorite handcrafted jewelry and glass art. You will love it, believe you me!

9. Ye Olde Curiosity Shop for curious shoppers… 😎 😎 if keen to buy taxidermy Siamese-twin calves, and a grain of rice engraved with the Lord’s Prayer or mummy. Shop at unique souvenir and novelty shops for Seattle’s best souvenir items.

10. How can one miss biking around Myrtle Edwards Park or Squire Park, located at the north edge of Seattle’s downtown waterfront district, this old-fashioned city park is meant to enjoy fabulous water and mountain views.
Enjoy at Downtown Seattle, and make the trip the best one

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