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Facial Plastic Surgeon Pike Place Market – Rhinoplasty Surgery

Dr. Portuese believes in assisting people in becoming their best and most attractive selves. Instead of attempting to alter his patients’ appearance, he believes in accentuating their inherent attractiveness. His vast knowledge enables him to determine the best course of action for rejuvenation and augmentation without the visible traces of plastic surgery, and his holistic approach educates patients about health and beauty so they may maintain their results’ natural-looking qualities.

He specializes in offering the highest caliber of facial cosmetic, restorative, and reconstructive surgery. He is committed to delivering outstanding aesthetic and naturally balanced outcomes using the most cutting-edge and dependable methods. Dr. Portuese is committed to each patient as they advance in their personal and facial transformation in his capacity as the center’s chief facial plastic surgeon.

An identity is not all that a face is. Additionally, it is how we interact, love, and positively influence the world around us. During your initial appointment with us, you’ll have the chance to review your options and decide on the best Pike Place Market plastic surgery procedure for you.

Your natural beauty may be diminished if your nose is excessively big, crooked, asymmetrical, or otherwise flawed, making you feel self-conscious. When this happens, Dr. Portuese and The Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center offers some of Pike Place Market’s greatest nose jobs. You can get an entirely new look that is not only balanced and elegant, but also totally natural because to the delicate, artistic alterations he can make to your nose.

Dr. Portuese and Dr Shvidler havve developed his ethnic rhinoplasty procedures over the years in addition to becoming a reputable specialist in the field, thanks to the broad clientele he encounters working in Seattle’s metropolitan area. They have a distinct advantage when it comes to preserving the distinctive structure and features of noses from various ethnic backgrounds. No two noses are treated in the same way, especially if your particular set of genes confers diverse aesthetic preferences.
The Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center works with his multiethnic patients to improve the nose’s natural appearance without “overdoing” it.

Facelift Surgery

As we age, our faces start to undergo some undesirable modifications. We seem to develop wrinkles, creases, folds, and age spots overnight, and once-firm and-supple skin starts to sag. The good news is that these impacts don’t always have to be long-lasting. By restoring a naturally youthful facial appearance, Dr. Portuese, a master of the facelift procedure, will ensure that you age gracefully. It is crucial to confirm that your surgeon has the necessary credentials and board certifications before choosing a facelift surgeon in Seattle.

For the best Bellevue facelift results, you should use a surgeon who specializes in the head, face, and neck area. This indicates that he has invested a significant amount of time in advanced medical education to not only have a clinical understanding of the field but also to comprehend how it relates to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.
Be sure to inquire about non-invasive, skin rejuvenating procedures with The Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center to further enhance the lovely results of your facelift.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is a specialist technique intended to address aging symptoms that might harm the delicate eye area, such as wrinkles, sagging eyelids, crow’s feet, and large bags under the eyes. The procedure, when carried out by our surgeons, will totally revitalize your eyes, erasing years from your looks and guaranteeing that you appear as youthful and lovely as you feel. Blepharoplasty can also offer Bellevue patients a brighter, more alert appearance in their eyes, however a facelift will produce a far more dramatic alteration. Depending on your cosmetic objectives, you can select from a range of eyelid operations.

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