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Will people notice I got rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that’s performed in millimeters – millimeters of changes so there’s not a huge change that’s going to occur even when we take a large hump down on the bridge of the nose that may only be a four or five millimeter hump. That sounds like a lot and it is but the swelling takes such a long period of time to settle down that most patients and their friends don’t notice – they don’t notice the fact that they’ve had something done they just noticed maybe it’s a new hairdo or new makeup or you lost some weight they know something’s a little bit different they just notice the patient looks better – but they can’t quite put a finger on exactly what the change was. I had a gal in today, she went home for Thanksgiving and her own parents, I did her about a month ago, her own parents didn’t even notice she had a nose job done and it was a pretty big change.

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